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Series: Study of Forms and Patterns of Commercialism and Factory Farming

The mixed media piece is a part of a series of work that concentrates on the parallels between the mistreatment of livestock in industrial societies and the veneration of these same animals in less developed countries. It also parallels to the mistreatment and oppression of Black people within the U.S. by using Factory farming to allude to the United States’ dark History when it comes to race. This work is the product of an analysis of the factory farming industry and injustice. Through gel transfers, machine sewing, ink, and manipulation of fabrics, I am able to create a  weathered look. This is a notion towards the aesthetic of an old book or codex. The graphic scenes of a slaughtering and skinning process is shown. The MLK would appear to stand for milk but represent the initials of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. along with his inmate number. This  begins to touch on the topic of the high rate of incarceration of black males in the U.S. Much like these animals, these men are caged up like animals and often face brutality amongst other things in prison. The halo and gold reference to the sanctity of this animal, although caged and abuse in "civilized" industrial societies, these animals are respected by other cultures. This exploration of patterns, texture, materials, and social practice really allowed me to explore and become aware of current world conditions.